My artist books juxtapose and fuse verbal and visual impressions that represent a special place or time of my experience. Their lack of interior pages aim to focus on the artist book as contemplative object rather than narrative.

Omaggio (2015) is a series of three books referencing phrases used in an artwork by Piero Varroni that philosophically comment on our daily lives. They echo the grey bricklike of his large-scale painting and are also made from strips of paper he gave me; it is hand milled in Amalfi and he uses for the series of artist books he publishes as EOS Edizioni. It is a nod to our shared interest of combining images, words and artist books.

Omaggio I, II and blank

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watercolor on "woven" paper handmilled in Amalfi, 3.375" x 3.375" (open 6.75"), 2015